Cassandra Fauss

Time: 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM; Location: Plaza Mexico

The physical yoga practice is an avenue for self-exploration, inviting us to engage with ourselves authentically and revealing to us our own ignorance, resistance, and emotional residue that clutter our mind and body. As we grow through challenges on our mat, we plant seeds for transformation for our lives off the mat, refining us to embody the elements of our inner warrior. Led by Mobile Om founder, Cassandra Fauss, this invigorating practice will inspire students to embrace challenges on the mat as catalysts for self discovery and to cultivate space for radical self-acceptance, compassion, and empowered choice. Weaving together breath, mantra and mindful movement, this playful and powerful practice will encourage students to connect with the subtle strength of their own inner warrior, facing resistance with grace and ease.

About Cassandra Fauss

Cassandra Fauss is the founder and lead yoga instructor of Mobile Om, a movement that is taking yoga out of the familiar studio setting and into unique local landmarks around San Antonio. Through Mobile Om, Cassandra guides students to discover new places in our practice and our city. Steeped in mindfulness, meditation, mantra and asana, her classes are consciously curated to inspire students to uncover the divine wisdom within and experience a glimpse of the infinite bliss that is our true nature.