Connie Lozano

Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM; Location: Plaza Mexico

Many aspects of yoga will be introduced including pranayama, asana and meditation. We will address the benefits and challenges practicing in a heated environment and showcase an outdoor experience of hot yoga. Class will begin with a centering breath and intention. Followed by an all-levels flow of postures (asana) designed to melt away stress and create a space for connection within. We will end with savasana, meditation and chanting. This class is for anyone who is curious about yoga in a heated environment and how it can help them deal with the stress of modern life.

About Connie Lozano

Connie Lozano is a teacher with a passion for yoga that is contagious. She has found practicing and teaching yoga a lifestyle that is truly satisfying. Her classes are innovative, transformative, challenging and compassionate.
She combines creatively sequenced asana with pranayama and meditation. Her well-earned reputation for balancing humor with the quest for authenticity is truly refreshing, placing emphasis on creating integrity in the poses that can be carried beyond the mat and into daily life. She has been teaching full time since 1998 and has experience teaching special needs population including athletes, ADHD, Asthma, COPD, injury/restriction and those who suffer addiction,Breast Cancer, joint replacement, PTSD and is sensitive to illness that accompanies each of us as we age.