Erakah Joseph

Time: 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM; Room#006C

The Dance of the Womb is to spiritualize matter, pouring love, light, and serenity from your heart throughout your body and down into your womb creating a safe and peaceful space for new life. This yoga session will introduce movements aimed to minimize the stress associated with pregnancy.
The practice consists of Sacred Womb Movements to access the inner resources to ease the discomforts of pregnancy, face the challenges of labor, release tension and stress, and build endurance and strength for delivery and post-partum.

About ErakahJoseph

Erakah Joseph, a Former Military Police Officer, responded to countless sexual assault scenes and fell victim to severe workplace sexual harassment. During her career in federal regulatory compliance banking industry, Erakah experienced and witnessed workplace violence incidents of sabotage, psychological trauma, and discrimination. Her experience with the federal government and her eventual departure from its employment, as well as the abuse she suffered while in the military, and domestic abuse, has emboldened her to share her story and offer a firsthand perspective of how to address trauma hidden below the surface and coping mechanism she used to overcome. Erakah holds a Master of Business Administration, is a Criminal Justice Undergrad, and a Business Consultant. In her daily recovery, Erakah came to know Yoga and its benefits; she obtained a Yoga for Physical and Emotional Trauma Certification through the YogaFit Alliance. She is an Ambassador for the African Yoga Project and Baptiste Yoga, and now shares the benefits of Yoga with Youth, Impoverished Communities, Veterans, Mental Health consumers, Trauma Survivors, and First Responders.