Jamie Adeshpal Carmody

Time: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM; Room#007A

We will open the morning and your energies with the Kundalini Yoga Kriya to Clear the Chakras. This beginner’s set is easily done and moves us from bottom to top, opening and allowing the energies to come up and through the body. Get a new experience of yourself as you learn about these vital energy centers, and activate and balance them through breath and physical exercise. The set includes meditation and we will end with an extended gong meditation lay out.

About Jamie Adeshpal Carmody

Jamie Carmody is a bodyworker and Kundalini Yoga instructor here in San Antonio. She teaches and practices both Kundalini Yoga (2014) and Zero Balancing manual therapy(1999). As a 25 year veteran of the bodywork field, she focuses primarily on practices which facilitate better health and movement as well as transformative self-growth without unnecessary pain or effort. Jamie teaches yoga/meditation and Zero Balancing workshops and classes in the San Antonio area to help promote the experience of our human-ness and humanity as vibrational beings through the lenses of both these practices. She is very excited by the fact that these are simple step-by-step technologies that anyone can do for the benefit of all.