Jules Harmon

Time: 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM; Room#007C

A Kundalini Yoga practice suitable for all physical and experience levels; from the chair to the mat. Opening with chanting the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (connecting to Divine wisdom and the Teacher within) followed-by a warm-up series of pranayama, stretching and somatic movement. The set includes the ‘Param Karam Dharam Kriya’ combining a flowing sequence of asana, balance, and breath; entraining the physical, mental, and energetic bodies for a pure state of consciousness. Experiencing the meditation for ‘Self-Blessing and Guidance by Intuition” combining a form and 8-stroke pranayama; suspending the breath out for reconditioning and relaxing the nervous system. Concluding with deep relaxation, the “Long Time Sun” blessing, and mantra Sat Nam (Truth is My Identity).

About Jules Harmon

Retired from the US Air Force, Jules Harmon continues to serve the community with a dedication to studying and teaching yoga. A 200-RYT and trauma-sensitive yoga teacher with over 800 hours of yoga teaching experience and 250 hours of advanced study, Jules is certified in multiple sensory systems and technologies including “Mindful Resilience Yoga for Veterans Recovering from Trauma” as taught by the Veterans Yoga Project, “YogaFit for Warriors” as taught by Beth Shaw, the “Grace Tree Somatic & Trauma Informed Certification Program,” the Emotional Freedom Technique, and Gendai Reiki. Jules teaches Kundalini Yoga classes at Divine Yoga in San Antonio, TX, volunteers with ‘Sat Nam San Antonio’ supporting local Kundalini Yoga resources, and works with the non-profit, Veterans Team Recovery Integrative Immersion Process (Vet TRIIP) teaching yoga and relaxing breathing classes and sharing wellness practices and coping skills with US Military Service Members, Veterans and their families.