Meagan Spencer

Time: 2:45 PM – 3:30 PM; Room#007A

We create our reality every moment, whether we are conscious of it or not. Unconsciously we create our reality out of habits and behavior patterns. Consciousness is about knowing our selves by becoming aware of what’s going on within and around us. Movement Meditation is a way to experience a deeper understanding of our mind/body connection. Focusing on your breath and observing the sensations within and around your body allows you to be receptive to your body’s needs and guides your exploration of dynamic stretches and natural movements. Meditation doesn’t necessarily change what happens in life, but it does change our relationship to it. Cultivate the warrior within by strengthening your personal mind/body connection through movement meditation.

About Meagan Spencer

Meagan Spencer has developed her yoga practice for over 15 years, expanding her movement knowledge to include parkour and acro yoga. Also having personally experienced the benefits of movement on a therapeutic level in her practices with yoga, meditation, Qigong, acro therapeutics and other forms of bodywork, she has combined the benefits of both to explore Movement Meditation. Her passion for movement and sharing knowledge with others led her to gain a teaching certification in acro yoga in 2017. Her classes create a safe environment for people to explore body awareness and natural movement. She currently holds classes in acro yoga, mobility and strength conditioning, and movement meditation.