Rachana Kulkarni

Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM; Room#006D

Experience how simple meditation & mindfulness can be and how it’s effective for everyone. How it changes our physiology and also our emotional and mental well-being?

About Rachana Kulkarni

Rachana is certified to teach meditation & mindfulness. She has a wonder and curiosity of the human mind, and pursued her education and profession in psychology and counseling in India. Her curiosity led her on a quest for understanding the mind, and she developed a desire to explore deeper. Rachana started with her personal meditation practice and acquired a broad knowledge of spirituality. She found it all so overwhelmingly beautiful that she felt compelled to share meditation with the world. Eventually she enrolled in McLean Meditation Institute, where she expanded her meditation knowledge and teaching experience. Rachana’s approach is compassionate and simple. She finds it a privilege to teach meditation to anyone with a willingness to learn. She has taught meditation to people of all ages (ranging from 20s to 60s), along with reaching out as a volunteer to guide meditation sessions in a shelter for the homeless in her community. Rachana believes very strongly in the power of self-love. Meditation has been one of the strongest tools that has transformed her life dramatically, specifically in terms of self-love and a sense of purpose. Her mission is to teach meditation to maximum people possible in order to help them transform their own lives and enjoy innumerable & wonderful benefits meditation has to offer.