Terry J Ruel

Time: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM; Room#006B

I will be presenting a guided meditation for X minutes (minimum half hour, 60 min better). General discussion (two way) on meditation and what it is and isn’t. Second, breath and breath work, with and without a mantra. Begin meditation with mantra spoken orally and then taken within. Finish with the discussion.

About Terry J Ruel

Terry is the owner of Yoga in Motion, an established yoga studio in
Castle Hills. Yoga began at a young age for Terry. An immersion into Yoga asanas,
meditation and philosophy began at age 19, through self–study and practice. By age 23, he had taught several
six weeks courses at both the local YMCA and Junior College. Returning to the Southern Illinois University,
he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation (TM), and began a twice-a-day meditation practice that continues
today. However, asana practice took a back-seat to meditation and became more infrequent over time.

After turning 50, Terry returned to the physical practice of Yoga, and later took levels I, II & III Yoga fit teacher training courses.
Around the same time, he acquired a teaching position at a Gym and taught there 4 years. Inspired to move forward as a well-established Yoga teacher,
Terry registered for the 200hr RYT certification program in the Shambhava Yoga at the Soshoni Yoga retreat in Colorado, where he enjoyed organic
vegetarian foods, all forms of Yoga instruction, various meditation classes, and after each day of long study hours he looked forward to evening Kirtan.

Since the Shambhava experience, Terry has become a level I MCKS (Pranic Healer through a course taught by Master Stephen Co), and gained a greater understanding of the chakra system and how they are structured and work in the physical and etheric or light body.

Terry’s goal at Yoga in Motion is to provide all student members with well-balanced, well-designed Yoga and meditation classes, with the intent to enhance overall physical, mental and spiritual balance, including deep relaxation through meditation. It’s essential in today’s fast-paced world to provide each student with effective tools to de-stress, find peace and establish quietness.

Feel free to contact Terry at yogainmotionsa@att.net