Vanessa Gonzalez

Time: 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM; Room#006C

Vanessa will guide you into a dynamic and powerful Power Yoga Flow practice that will allow you to create awareness in the present moment by integrating breath, mind, and body with one breath one movement. This practice is for all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). We are all here to learn with each other and from one another, as well as hold each other accountable in class. Be ready to transform from the inside out to create vitality and possibility on and off your mat! 
Vanessa te guiará a entrar a una práctica de yoga dinámica y poderosa que te ayudará a crear conocimiento del “momento presente” integrando tu respiración, mente y cuerpo. Esta práctica está diseñada para todos los niveles (principiantes, intermedios y avanzados) en una clase para crear unión con los demás y para que cada estudiante se haga responsable de estar completamente presente en sus propios cuerpos y aprender de cada uno. ¡Prepárate para descubrir la creatividad, despertar la pasión, y crear la autenticidad y confianza para nuevas posibilidades en áreas de tu vida y en tu estera de yoga!

About Vanessa Gonzalez

Vanessa began practicing yoga in High School to supplement Track and Cross Country arduous work outs. Yoga gave Vanessa the flexibility and mental strength to be a better athlete. In addition, Vanessa struggled with epilepsy, and the side effects of a strong medications. Yoga, meditation and her faith healed Vanessa from epilepsy and allowed her to reconnect back to her natural self. Currently, Vanessa is an elementary teacher at Alamo Heights and teaches various styles of yoga and meditation in her community. Her yoga style is inspired based on her training of Baptiste Power Yoga Vinyasa, Bowspring Alignment, Yin Yoga, and Mindful Meditation. Vanessa is committed to interconnectedness and to teaching others about the health benefits of yoga and meditation in order to lead a more healthy and powerful lifestyle.