Martha Martin

Time: 5:15 PM – 6:00 PM; Room#007B

I will open the session with a brief poetry reading to set the tone. Then, using a few PowerPoint slides for visual effect: provide an overview of my story (traumas, PTS, & healing through yoga, mantra, meditation, self-care/love) that will include a few excerpt readings; discuss how finally embracing my truth became a spring board for change and growth; how my brain reacted exactly as it should have under the circumstances and that the only “disorder” was in the circumstances; writing as a cathartic practice; a brief plug for Veterans Yoga Project; and ending with a Q&A as time allows. I will also have 20 free copies of my book to give away.

About Martha Martin

Martha J. Martin is a woman with an extraordinary story, relayed in her memoir THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF NOT LIVING FULLY (2017, Treaty Oak Publishers). Her writing, presenting and communication skills were honed over a twenty-six year career in state government, where she worked as a policy and legislative analyst for the Employees Retirement System of Texas, and for the late Bob Bullock, in both his offices as Texas’ State Comptroller and Lieutenant Governor. Martha lives in Austin, Texas where she writes, mediates and practices yoga daily, dances often, and travels when she can. Her current writing projects include finishing a travel blog ( and a book of photographic poetry.